By Dagmar Spremberg

Over the last 15 years Costa Rica has become a hot spot for yoga retreats. This insider guide will help you find some handpicked yoga retreats for solo female travellers in Costa Rica on the tip of the beautiful Nicoya Peninsula.

The Nicoya Peninsula is special because she is considered one of the 5 worldwide blue zones, so when I settled here about 15 years ago I was surprised to find very little yoga and decided to start my own journey of bringing yoga here.

Many new places have opened since and offer amazing packages and yoga retreats for solo female travelers, where you can enjoy meeting likeminded people and feel safe and comfortable. I highly recommend these places, because I have enjoyed them all, so here are my insider tips for you:


As a solo female traveler you will easily connect with other travellers and enjoy the very relaxed atmosphere of this tiny beach town. You won’t need transportation and can explore unspoiled beaches, waterfalls, rivers and see abundant wildlife.


Perched high up on a cliff overlooking the ocean this is one of the most beautiful and popular spots to visit as a solo female traveler. Anamaya offers all year long yoga retreats with visiting guest teachers and hosts about 5-6 yoga teacher trainings as well. Individual Rooms and Dorms are gorgeous, you can choose between a variety of  weeklong retreat packages including surf lessons or cooking classes.  If you like an exclusive group setting with up to 30 people, this is the perfect spot for you!

7 night retreats start around 1,200$ (dorm), no drop ins.

website: www.anamayaresort.com


This local gem is located within 5 min walking distance from the village centre and very popular among solo female travelers in Costa Rica, because it offers very affordable yoga vacation packages at individual dates, so you can arrive any day of the week. Packages combine Yoga & Surf, Yoga & Spanish, Yoga & Wellness and usually run 6 nights/7 days. The yoga studio offers a great variety of daily yoga classes with very experienced teachers and is open to the public as well, so you will connect with locals and enjoy a laid back atmosphere here. Practice to the sounds of monkeys, birds and the ocean!

6 night packages starting at 580$. Single drop in 14$.

website: www.montezumayoga.com

Founder and director Dagmar Spremberg also offers private one-on-one retreats for 3-4 nights at her private Yoga B&B, starting at $615.

website: www.dagmarspremberg.com


The sanctuary is a hidden, magical property at the tip of the nicoya peninsula near the fishing town of Cabuya. Imagine crossing a river 4 times and walking through the jungle to reach your destination. If you are looking for an intimate, secluded retreat in nature, this is the perfect spot for you. Surrounded by jungle, rivers and waterfalls, this very deluxe off-the-grid solar powered retreat place is surely transformative and you forget there is even a world existing outside. Yoga retreats and teacher trainings are offered here all year and accommodation is in stylish, deluxe, modern jungle lofts.

6 nights retreats cost approx. 1,700$, no drop ins.

website: www.thesanctuarycostarica.com


One the other side, about 20 min away from Montezuma you find the community of Santa Teresa.


Pranamar Villas is an intimate, consciously designed beachfront hotel on one of the most beautiful beaches of the peninsula. If you are a sunset and surf addict, this might be the best spot for you! The villas are a luxury treat, yoga classes and retreats are led by top class yoga teachers and the restaurant will spoil your senses with delicious creative cuisine. It’s best to come here with a friend, but if you are a solo female traveler coming for a weeklong retreat they will help you find a room mate.

5 night packages start at 1,215$, single drop in class 12$.

website: www.pranamarvillas.com


The laid back Hotel Nautilus is located in the middle of the long Santa Teresa beach stretch and offers yoga packages, retreats and daily yoga classes that are also open to the public. As a solo female traveler you will enjoy their organic restaurant Olam, which serves delicious food and yummy smoothies and is a very popular hangout for the local surf and yoga scene.

6 nights yoga packages starting at 1,290$, single drop in 14$.

website: www.hotelnautiluscostarica.com

As you can see, there are many locations offering great yoga retreats for solo female travellers in Costa Rica on any budget. Please enjoy these tips and if you ever get to come to Montezuma, make sure to stop by and say hello.