By Dagmar Spremberg

Have you ever wondered what’s your purpose in life and how to find it?

For many years I wasn’t clear on my purpose and wondering what I am here to do. I worked in the music business, always supporting musicians and even married one. When I moved to Los Angeles to start my life all over in 1996, I ended up representing photographers and music video directors.

All these years I wondered where my own creativity lies, I felt like a shadow artist, comfortably hiding behind other peoples creativity, after all if somebody didn’t like their music/photos, it wasn’t about me. But I still had the strong desire to express myself, instead of always supporting other people in their creativity.

How To Find Your Purpose In Life

When I moved to Costa Rica in 2001 naturally I thought of supporting other people again, this time bringing yoga teachers to  my studio to host retreats. It was then that another door finally opened and my teacher and mentor Elena Brower pushed me to start teaching my own classes. It was scary and exciting at the same time. I couldn’t hide behind others anymore, it was now all about myself, what did I want to share with my students?

It was a long journey to finally find my own creative outlet, and to have the courage to express it in my very unique way. But we all have something unique and amazing to give, so grant yourself the time to find out what it is and share your gift with the world. It is so exciting and rewarding!

In my video below I’ll talk about ways you can figure out what your purpose is, please enjoy and feel free to post any comments or questions below!

I hope you will be inspired and encouraged to share your gifts,

with love


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