After 20 years at Los Mangos Hotel we had to say good bye to our sanctuary in 2021. The hotel is closed now.

Founder Dagmar Spremberg is still available for private classes, special events & retreats and offering online yoga classes on Zoom.

Join me in 2025 for my 2 upcoming yoga retreats in Montezuma and Osa Peninsula

I believe in following your heart, in simplicity, in living authentically. To be an open channel with less resistance and more trust is not the easiest path, but for me the gift of 25+ years of yoga. I love sharing it with you.

I’ve been in Montezuma for over 20 years years and my home is your home. Become part of our community and vacation in an environment where you can truly be yourself.


Be inspired. Dream big. No pressure, no rigid schedules, just everything you need to go deep within yourself on our bespoke yoga retreats in Costa Rica that’ll open your heart and your mind.


Montezuma is located on the very southern coast of the Nicoya Peninsula and has maintained its off-the-beaten-path feel and relaxed beach town vibe. Though small, Montezuma is a vibrant community, made up of like-minded expats and locals. With its proximity to great surf, the world class yoga in our studio & a heavy focus on wellbeing and healthy living, we couldn’t think of a place we would rather be!

Discover quiet beaches, thick forests, waterfalls and wildlife like monkeys, butterflies, and many colorful birds. Be inspired by new cultures, reinvigorate yourself with endless activities, nourish yourself with healthy cuisine and hang out with like-minded people.

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Montezuma Costa Rica


Hi there! I fell in love with Montezuma during my first visit in 1991. It’s been over 20 years since I moved here in 2001 and I still love living here! Of course things have changed in the last 20 years but it is still a small & charming fishing village and very unique in Costa Rica because of its young and creative international community.

I am very grateful for having had the opportunity and support to change my life building Montezuma Yoga. It is a great gift to be able to do what you love and for me this has been yoga and holistic health for the past 20 years. I could have never planned it like this, yet it was always my vision and then magically fell into place.

It’s such a pleasure to have all these amazing yoga teachers here leading retreats for you. But the biggest pleasure is to see your smiling faces after class and to be able to inspire and empower you. I love all the new connections and friendships that we have developed during these last years and that make some of you come back to visit Montezuma every year! I look forward to meeting you one day in the yoga shala or on my travels.

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Anamaya yoga retreat


Practice Yoga with Dagmar February 2025 at the beautiful Anamaya resort in Montezuma


Join a magical yoga retreat with Dagmar in Italy or Spain.


Buy a yoga class with our founder Dagmar Spremberg and bring the magical jungle feeling of Costa Rica home into your living room.