By Dagmar Spremberg

Victim Mentality.

Yep, I’ve been there done that. At times I’ve been so addicted to my side of a story I retold to myself and anyone else who would listen that it caused me to ignore some painful truths I didn’t want to face about myself. Repeating the same story only served to make myself feel like a powerless victim, hurting and blaming others because that fed my wounded ego and heart; even though I knew deep down there are other wounded egos and other broken hearts involved.

Eventually, after rivers of tears and honest time in self-reflection I learned how we always contribute to each others pain either from personal denial, actions, in-actions, selfishness, mistakes, whatever addictions or insensitivities we cause. Until we take responsibility for ourselves and how we affect others, we’ll be stuck in a cycle of blaming with issues big and small.

If I’m only holding the mirror up against others I’ll never take needed responsibility for my own life, my own health, relationships, addictions, growth and progress. That mirror must be reflected back upon ourselves before we can truly heal, be free, be healthy and happy.