By Dagmar Spremberg

All beings deserve and seek happiness. If we would already have complete happiness, we wouldn’t need to have any spiritual practice. Life likes to challenge us, so we can grow and expand and won’t stand still.

When our senses are satisfied we feel external happiness and the reason we haven’t yet mastered lasting happiness is that we have not yet further explored the mysteries of our mind.

When we achieve or receive something we wanted so badly, we feel a sense of happiness, because for a little moment there is an absence of Wanting! This gives us a sense of calm, peace, even enlightenment, maybe not the object itself……

Think about how many times during the day we want something…..a partner that is different, a new pair of boots, nicer weather, a better job…the list goes on. How can we attain more lasting happiness? By focusing our attention away from external objects for our happiness and by exploring skills to find internal happiness.

A recent lecture by my dear Teacher Rod Stryker inspired me to share this with you.

Real happiness is not based on external circumstances, so how can I experience more happiness even if life is not always up to giving it to me?

There are 6 keys:

Know Yourself!

There is a part inside of you that is everlasting, permanent, through all of life’s changes. This part remains at peace, at ease and you can get to know it more with a calm mind. A wonderful tool is your meditation practice.

Learn why you are triggered by certain life events, witness your limitations, dark sides, but also enjoy your strength and find your gifts.

Fulfil Your Potential!

Gather your power, find external forces to support you. A seed needs sun, water and nutrition to grow and so do you! which seed do you choose to nurture?

Have Courage!

Use the power of resolve and intention to push through obstacles.

Serve The Greater Good!

realise you are not isolated, remember you are rather part of a bigger web, so reach out to exchange with the world.

 Practice Non-attachment To The Outcome!

do what you want to do because you feel the call or you want to serve, don’t worry if it will be accepted or successful, most of the time it will be if it’s out of your good intention.

Exercise Faith!

Understand that Life is perfect with all its imperfections, it doesn’t need to be any different for you to be happy. Life reflects back at you exactly what you need to learn to grow. Imperfection leads to evolution. I may need to change, but life does not.