By Dagmar Spremberg

The practice of yoga means cultivating self-care. Check out my favourite tips

1. Saucha Salt Scrubs:

The first Niyama of the eight limbs of yoga, ‘saucha’, can be translated as purity or cleanliness. I love to use salt scrubbing as a cleansing ritual. Essentially, the salt exfoliates your skin gently while the coconut oil softens it. As you scrub away your impurities, ponder doing the same on the inside.

Follow this link for an excellent salt scrub recipe by DoTerra, that you can make at home.

2. Drink Hot Water with Lemon & Stay Hydrated All Day:

Every morning I like to start my day with a hot glass of water and the juice of a fresh lemon. Lemon juice is a rich source of antioxidants. It helps break down toxins circulating our digestive systems.

This warm lemon water also improves the flow of your lymph fluid. The lymphatic system is made of mostly of water and cannot function without it.

Your body requires plenty of water to keep its muscles energised and to balance your fluids. Staying hydrated can be as easy as eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking water frequently throughout they day. Try not to wait until you’re thirsty to have a drink of water as at this point, your body is already dehydrated. I also love to infuse my drinking water with mint, cucumber or basil to give it more taste.

3. Give Yourself a Steam:

An excellent way to clear your head and any respiratory blockages is by doing a rosemary steam bath, or ‘swedana’: First boil four cups of water. Wash and chop a handful of rosemary to release its oil. Pour the hot water over the herbs in a heatproof bowl. Place your face above the bowl being careful not to get too close. Cover your head and the bowl with a clean towel.

Read more about the wonderful benefits of rosemary oil and then breathe and enjoy the soothing effects of this steam bath.

4. Get Moving:

Whether it’s going for a walk in nature, stretching in the morning or practicing yoga, its important to keep your body’s juices flowing through movement. There are parts of your body, like your ligaments, that rely on movement for blood supply.

Movement also plays an important role in keeping your spine healthy.

5. Make Time for Meditation:

Stress is the major contributor to most illness. Meditation is a great stress reducer. For that reason alone we should make the time to find a few moments of stillness every day. Meditation also helps you to get centered and in touch with how you’re feeling and in figuring out what you need.

If you’re new to meditation, here is a good way to get you started:

Check out Oprah and Deepak Chopras popular meditation challenges.

6. Build Good Relationships:

When life presents you with challenges, a good support system can help you tremendously. Cultivate healthy relationships and ask for help when you need it, as good relationships can help you maintain a positive outlook. What’s best is that giving of yourself to others and being there for them is deeply satisfying.

Here are some tips for building healthier relationships, written by my teacher Elena Brower.

7. Live with Integrity – Satya:

Be honest with yourself and communicate your feelings, thoughts and beliefs with kindness. Integrity is about living authentically and allowing that to govern every moment and decision of your life. Find bliss and celebrate life’s joys. This is just as important as learning to accept the difficult aspects of life.

Living with integrity means honouring the inner voice, that is there to guide us. It manifests itself in different ways. If we take the time to connect and listen, it will feed us and give us the energy we need to live authentically. Although it is easier to keep busy, be courageous and let your intuition be your compass. Sometimes you find a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, and sometimes there is no clear answer…..and then maybe give yourself permission to do nothing and sit back and simply listen.