Embracing Change

By Dagmar Spremberg

Dear Community.

Montezuma Yoga is closing its doors at Los Mangos Hotel. While my heart is grieving the release of my 20 year old baby, my spirit is excited for new opportunities and doors that are opening. Change and Growth are scary, but it’s even more scary to remain stagnant.

As you know I’ve always loved my sanctuary with all my heart. Meeting so many amazing people over the last 20 years to share yoga has been such a blessing. Lately the signs have been very clear. It’s time to move on, and while part of me has been very attached and afraid to let go, I feel at peace now with taking the leap. And I’m very much aware I couldn’t have done it all alone, creating community has always been my biggest joy.

I like to thank Costas, Nikos and all the workers at Los Mangos Hotel for their support. The freedom and trust I received to fully create and live my vision have always been a much appreciated gift. To Carla & Belen, you helped express that vision with your beautiful designs.

A big THANK YOU to all my teachers and bodyworkers during the last 20 years, but especially to Silvia and Eva, for sharing their unique gifts of teaching and co-creating sacred space. It’s rare to find people who share your vision as passionately as you both did.

To you, my yoga community, for your generous support. I look forward to connecting with you in a new space or online. Watching you smile and practice has always given me so much joy, I will sure miss the space with our sweet yogicat Sylvester right there in the middle. Together we created so many beautiful moments which will be in our hearts forever.

Finally my deepest gratitude to Daniel, who’s always been the steady rock by my side, patiently giving his creative input & knowledge and getting things fixed with his crew, so we could continue enjoying the space despite rainstorms and earthquakes. And who offered his music on so many special candlelight nights.

Montezuma Yoga is not over, it will just take a new form, and until it’s clear what that looks like I wanted to share my feelings and gratitude with you for 20 deeply touching & wonderful years. Click here to watch my YouTube Video about the way I embrace change and this challenging situation, I hope you’ll find some inspiration for yourself.

May you be happy and keep up the beautiful practice, I’ll see you soon.

With love,