Here’s a little update on the Corona Virus Situation in Costa Rica and a new Yoga Flow with Dagmar

Could you have imagined just a month ago all of this happening?

It often takes a life-threatening situation first for an individual to create the necessary change in their life, but I would have never imagned this to be possible on such a global level.

I’m here with you, riding the waves, and feeling the emotional turmoilt of it all. As of tomorrow Costa Rica is closing its border as well and no tourists are allowed to enter anymore until further notice. In the middle of high season we are closing our beloved studio and sending people home. I know you are in the same boat and that’s why I want to connect and offer support in any way I can.

Follow me on Instagram or join my private facebook group “Spark Your Life”, where I share live videos and meditations, and most of all connect with you, my lovely community. The sharing always goes both ways, it uplifts my own energy if I can be of service.

As a special gift for you I have also uploaded a new 45 min Vinyasa Video in my youtube channel: Flow Into Stillness.

Join me on the beach in Costa Rica for a gentle, soothing flow, that is suitable for all levels. Click here to watch the video and if you enjoy the practice, I would very much appreciate if you comment and like it, and /or share it with your friends who might benefit right now from this video as well, thanks!

yoga with dagmar

It is my deepest hope that this global challenge will lead us to a new brighter future, that we will take this time to evolve and revisit our values, dreams and habits. Stay home and rest, read, breathe and be well.

Jungle squeezes and much love,