By Dagmar Spremberg

 We have to be really ready to fail.
Failure has to be part of our journey.
Rule Number 1 is going into the Unknown.”

The above quote is from the wonderful movie Innsaei , which I watched in a cinema last night, directed by 2 women from Iceland , about the importance of our intuition.

The biggest obstacle of our times seem to be our fear of failure.
We are afraid to fail as lovers, parents, students, teachers, humans.

What if failure is one of our biggest gifts?

Looking back at your own life you KNOW you have always grown when you failed at something, why do we forget? Society conditions us from an early age that we need to be successful, make good grades and be perfect.

But a very big part of our yoga practice is to overcome our fear of failure. We cannot embrace only one part of the practice. Every time on the mat we are ought to remember to be open and playful, to fall out of a pose and get up again, to try again. And then, one day, we have mastered the pose.
And if not, be at ease with it. Your life does not depend on it.
Instead move on to the next challenging one.
With joy, with curiosity, with pride.

Wishing you a playful summer.

Also please enjoy an inspirational video from Oprah about ways to deal with failure.

I look forward to play and fall with you!

with love

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