By Dagmar Spremberg

THE PERSON I AM TODAY – Letter to Self


When I turned 30 I left my husband, my job, my country and moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of living a more authentic life.

I never felt that I belonged to Germany, I wanted to see the World and get new ideas of living, find inspiration, be happy.

It was the scariest decision ever, to jump with no security, not a lot of money, there were no friends or people I knew in L.A. It was the BEST DECISION ever.

Wish I had known then to trust, surrender, to meditate and calm my mind with its fears and doubts and voices.
But we never know and THAT is what makes us feel so incredible alive, to jump into the Unknown, to feel the fear and do it anyway.
I found yoga and the practice saved me, grounded me, taught me how to soften, how to listen better, how to let my intuition guide me.
I found a wonderful tribe of likeminded people who supported me and loved me.
I learned to love myself better.

Never give up dreaming. You too can do it, we all can. Don’t let anybody dim your light and confuse you. Do your practice of reconnecting and grounding, ask the questions, write down what you love and NEVER GIVE UP. Nourish the relationships that love you and support your growth. Find your tribe.

It’s a great exercise to write a letter to your self from 20 years ago, or even more. What would you wish you would have known then about life?