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Disconnect To Reconnect  

Osa Peninsula, January 11-17, 2025

Are you longing to get away from the stresses of these challenging times? Enjoy a week of inspiration and gentle stimulation for your senses. You will reconnect with yourself through yoga amidst the wonders of vibrant nature and wildlife. Our retreat immerses you in the lush beauty of the vibrant Peninsula de Osa, one of the last untouched tropical paradises in the south of Costa Rica.


Go off the beaten path to a place where your alarm clock is the call of a playful howler monkey, your lullaby, cicada song carried on the Pacific breeze, where the mangoes are sweeter than honey, scarlet macaws more common than pigeons and where, when it comes to your yoga practice and wellness, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach.


Nereus retreat center promises a sublime setting for your yoga retreat where the rainforest meets the ocean. Located in Costa Rica’s famous Osa Peninsula – a region described by National Geographic as one of the most “biologically intense” places on the planet – the area is bookended by the deep blue waters of the Pacific to the west and the Golfo Dulce, or “Sweet Gulf”, to the east. While the Osa comprises only 3 per cent of Costa Rica’s total land area, it is home to more than 50 per cent of the country’s animal and plant species. 

Our retreat center is located just outside Puerto Jiménez, a historic gold mining and logging community, and one of two major gateways to the the awe-inspiring, 425sq km Corcovado National Park – picture a biodiverse Eden home to some 140 species of mammals, 400 species of birds, 116 species of reptiles and amphibians, 40 species of fish, four species of sea turtles and more than 500 species of trees.

Spend local days out exploring the peninsula’s spectacular beaches, snorkeling in calm coves, turtle-, dolphin- or whale-watching, kayaking through lush mangroves, before heading back to our gardens to, perhaps, swing lazily on a hammock while watching, through one eye, a squirrel monkey leaping to land on a branch overhead.


At Nereus food isn’t just fuel, it’s a feature in your immersive experience with us. Just like we believe one size does not fit all in yoga practices, food is an individualized experience with the aim of supporting our students to feel their best.

Our produce is seasonal and sourced locally from independent businesses, from the organic rice grown in-country to the mahi mahi caught just along the beach

Pamper yourself with true relaxation in stunning natural surroundings.You will experience the tranquil atmosphere of Nereus retreats upon arrival. Complementary activities will support you to reconnect with your body and soul.

This retreat is designed to take you deeper into your practice as we move into stillness, become more aware, more sensitive, and more receptive to the beauty in our lives.


Each morning, enjoy a dynamic vinyasa flow practice with Dagmar. In the evenings, enjoy Daniel playing the Hang instrument live, while practicing a slow flow or yin with Dagmar. The yoga will help you to surrender and relax deeper into your breath and body. You will flow effortlessly through your practice.

The practices are open to all levels. Meditation and Pranayama are introduced and deepened as well.

We invite you to a ‘Food As Medicine’ nutrition workshop with our host Jen Millar, as well as a sunset kayak excursion.

Extra activities like massages, beauty treatments, professionally led walks and excursions, horse back riding, and more can be arranged for you on-site at additional cost.

We recommend adding a couple extra days to explore the famous Corcovado National Park and will be happy to recommend good guides.

Please go to the retreat listing on my personal website for further info and pricing. I can’t wait to see you there for a magical week in Paradise.

Ask A Yogi – Get to know Montezuma Yoga’s Teachers

About Dagmar:

Dagmar Spremberg is a 500 hr E-RYT and the founder of Montezuma Yoga in Costa Rica. While growing up in Germany all she could envision for herself was a life in the sunshine and under the palm trees. After 20 years of soul searching and many detours that let her explore city life in Los Angeles and New York, she found her dream life by the beach in the lush & tropical nature of Costa Rica.Through her own experience she learned and believes that everybody can live their dreams and that our work is to become clear and open to receive the gifts we all deserve.

In her yoga classes she emphasizes softening and deepening of the breath as the key to unlocking your potential and your intuition that will lead you to live an authentic life. When we find the gifts in our yoga practice we can make better, clear decisions from our inner wisdom and aren’t no longer afraid to share our truth.

Dagmar leads international retreats, teaches Yoga online and is very popular on Youtube with her jungle yoga videos. Her five week yoga mentorship SPARK YOUR LIFE has helped many women to re-connect to their self practice and find the courage to create changes to live a fulfilled life.

“When I started yoga 20 years ago, my goal was to touch my toes. But I soon realised that it was more about touching my heart, and to find the trust and freedom to live an authentic life. My journey was learning to create space and to value and set boundaries through practices of yoga, self-care, and stillness. I believe in the power of sharing with like-minded people – together, we can empower each other to live our lives fully.”

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